The Committee Sounds

Nappy Genius


B.Will & Sean Swift

What is LA Hip Hop Music? What do the masses think LA Hip Hop is? The Committee Sounds are here to make us ignore what we think and embrace what we feel. Born and raised in Inglewood, CA.  B.Will and Sean Swift take you on a journey through city from their point of view. Palm trees, Sunny days and an ocean breeze that has somehow made it through the neighborhood. 
B. Will and Sean Swift bounce back & forth with superior and seemingly effortless style, skill and melodies. They navigate a California lifestyle as If they were Chick Hearn calling the Showtime Lakers. Bars come as easy as the magic no look pass and punchlines as slick as Pat Riley’s hair. These kids aren’t too cool to have fun. Yet, lyrically they are no joke. With many rappers choosing to mean mug, they choose to smile. They strive to be successful enough to afford jewelry they probably wouldn’t even buy. 
The Committee Sounds aren’t here to flash the jewels, they're here to give them to you in the rarest form and show you their version of LA Hip Hop. There is no I in team and it takes a village to inspire the world to be a better place. They are doing their part by providing the soundtrack throughout that journey and beyond.


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